Delight, growth and renewal are what vacations should provide, yet, in our high-speed, over-scheduled and strain filled adult lives, we often disregard the value these advantages. Here are five ways to insure you like your summer vacation.

1. Always use your holiday time.

As reported by the World Tourism Establishment, American citizens take an average of 13 vacation days every twelve months in comparison to Brazilians who take 34 and Italians who take 42. Given those statistics, it’s amazing that some of us actually don’t use what little vacation time we have! If you are all about work and no play, you are surely headed for a burn-out down the road. You can’t have a pleasurable vacation if you choose not to have one at all.

2. Define vacation on your own terms.

You don’t have to take a trip, spend a lot of money, or even leave your place to have a vacation. All you need to do is take time from your normal everyday habit or work. If you happen to travel on your work, staying at home may be the ideal retreat for you. Or perhaps you’d like {to pass out your free time taking a pottery class, planting a garden, reading a few good novels, spending time with friends and relations, or just paying attention to the birds sing while you gentle swing in your backyard hammock. A vacation is a state of mind, not a place or schedule. So, do whatever gets you into it.

3. Do your research.

If you do plan on taking a trip, ensure there are no unpleasant surprises when you get there. Call and ask before to establish about the likes of kid amiable or pet friendly accommodations, transportation services, safety, climate, etc. The’re a lot of travel books and Sites that offer all the necessary information to make your trip a pleasurable one. Or, you may take the outdated approach and book your travel arrangements through an experienced and educated travel agent or tour company.

4. Relax and enjoy.

Don’t treat your vacation like a work project. Too much planning, organizing, list making and over scheduling provides you with no time at all to relax and enjoy yourself. Get out of work mode and kick back. Don’t feel as if every day needs an itinerary – unless you’re on a group tour and all you need to do is surface. Try to space out planned adventures every other day with alternate days off for whatever you feel doing here and now. Otherwise, you’ll end up needing a vacation from your vacation when it’s all over!

5. Leave work behind.

The entire point of vacation is to take a time from work, not have thoughts and communications from work mixing in with your sweet, creamy Pina Coladas or daring sky diving lessons. Leave the laptop behind, don’t check voice mail, and don’t call the office. Change your outgoing phone communications and made an auto reply on email to make sure everyone knows you’re not available until your return date. This is your time to put yourself first and have a happy vacation.

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