Summer adventure vacation through kayaking is a powerful way to explore the Coastline of a dozen different countries. Although requiring a reasonable fitness level, kayaking short distances can be an accessible adventure that’ll offer lots of rewards – often by means of quiet coves, pristine beaches, undisturbed wildlife colonies, great camping, and total serenity.

Here is a list of the best kayaking destinations to discover your own little bit of paradise, whether solo, with family, or on a small-group tour.

Baja, Mexico – The scenery might not be quite as spectacular as Alaska, but Baja’s warm waters and accessible marine life add yet another dimension to a kayaking vacation. With the Sonoran Desert inland, and the translucent waters offshore saturated in dolphins, sea lions, and blue whales, this kayaking area is particularly favored by warm-weather lovers and families.

Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada – Known as the ‘Canadian Galapagos’, this island chain offers both cultural and natural history. Teeming with seabirds, seals, sea lions, dolphins, and whales, these islands contain old-growth forests and remnants of the cultural history of the native Haida, including collections of carved totem poles.

Ellesmere Island, Canada – For the certainly adventurous kayaker, there is no better destination than Ellesmere, in the high arctic. Located a three-hour flight north of Resolute Bay, the fjords of Ellesmere Island are unparalleled for high arctic sea kayaking, creating a great challenge for experienced kayakers. Scenically, you will find unusual and scenic landscapes, historic Inuit sites, dry weather, continuous sunlight and rich plant, bird and animal communities. And all of this is within 800km of the North Pole!

Prince William Sound, Alaska – Surrounded by the Chugach and Kenai mountains and their ice-fields, this pristine wilderness area is conveniently near to Anchorage. Whales, eagles, bears and salmon live in your community, and the tens of thousands of miles of shoreline are saturated in bays, islands, and passages to explore. Since the sea here is sheltered, it’s a great place for novice kayakers.

Wherever you choose to kayak come early July, take pleasure in the fresh air, adventurous activities, and great exercise afforded by kayak vacations!

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